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Aluminium Retractable Insect Roller Screen Window

Short Description:

Our Roller Insect Screen Windows have been sold well in Europe and the United States for many years, and the quality is very good.The roll up hidden Screen Window with brake has to be made of Aluminum alloy frame with Insect Screen mesh made of fiberglass,rounded up with brake system which can let the screen window roll up softly.We have a patent that allows the gauze to be retracted at a constant speed, making it safer to use.

Product Detail

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Product Detail

The product is made of thickened material, which is more stable in structure, more durable and has a low failure rate. The brush head is placed in the reel, which can have a self-cleaning function.It doesn't matter if there is a little error in the measurement, it can be adjusted slightly without affecting the installation.The screen window has a texture, which can improve the grade of the family, and can prevent mosquitoes, catkins and poplars, and strong winds. Good quality can be used more at ease, and good appearance makes your home more comfortable.The product has to be available in different sizes and colors and has to be pre-assembled.All of the production comply with CE.



Width 60-160cm , Height : 80-250cm


Wind-resistance Class-2

Lock Mode

Inside Rail Hook

Color of frame

White, Brown, Anthracite, Bronze

Material of mesh


Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Mesh Color

Grey , Black


Per set white box + color label 4 sets per carton


keeping fresh air in and bugs out







About measurement

Before product customization, be sure to contact us to confirm whether the environment can be installed, what you need to know when customizing screen windows and doors:

1. To measure the size accurately;
2. Measure the width and height of the window frame;
3. When measuring the size of the outer frame of the window, it must be accurate to centimeters.

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