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How many types of screens are there

Come summer, open doors and windows, are you also troubled by mosquitoes? Choosing the right screen window can easily solve this problem, so how many screens are there in total?

01 Plane-moving screen window

The price of the plane moving screen window is more appropriate, the sealing performance is also good, and the thickness of the balcony window is about 10 mm.
Advantages: price, good sealing, and balcony windows do not occupy the area.

02 Magnetic screen window Advantages

The biggest advantage of the magnet type is the price, the structure is simple and easy to install, there is no need to change the window structure, DIY can also be achieved. (Thickness approx. 10 mm).

03 Foldable recessive screen window

The invention has the advantages that the screen window can be pushed and pulled to be invisible, and the organ type folding is beautiful in shape and strong in artistic sense. In use, the support screen window can be semi-opened and semi-closed, which is more convenient. (Thickness about 20-25mm)

04 Removable and washable hidden screen window

The light transmission is good, the installation is very beautiful, the design of the windproof buckle makes the wind resistance and sealing very good, the service life is also long, the more humanized design is built-in automatic cleaning system, and can be disassembled, it is very convenient to use, and it does not need to be disassembled in four seasons.

Advantages: good light transmission, beautiful installation, good wind resistance and sealing due to the design of the windproof buckle, and long service life.

The more user-friendly design is the built-in automatic cleaning system, which is detachable and easy to use. Four seasons do not require disassembly.

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Post time: May-18-2022