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How to choose screen window

The summer is hot and there are many mosquitoes. The air conditioner feels that the ventilation is not enough. When I open the window, I feel that there are many mosquitoes and catkins flying. What should I do at this time? If you want to keep the room ventilated for a long time, it is particularly important to choose the right screen window, so what kind of screen window is more suitable for us?

First of all, we tell you what to pay attention to when buying screen windows:

1. Profile screen window profiles are mainly divided into aluminum alloy and plastic steel.

Nowadays, many so-called profiles actually do not have steel wires, but are PVC profiles, which are easily deformed in the sun and have a short service life; and the aluminum alloy screen window is of good quality and has a long service life. You can press it by hand and shake it when purchasing. Feel the hardness of the profile, it is advisable not to be soft.

2. gauze

The gauze made of high-quality glass fiber is flame-retardant and high-temperature resistant, safer, not easy to be stained with dust, easy to clean, good ventilation and light transmission performance, and good anti-mosquito effect.

3. Accessories

The accessories are made of high-quality materials and are durable. The gauze can be retracted at a fixed speed and a slow speed, effectively protecting the safety of the family.

If you want high-quality screen windows that are both beautiful and practical, take a look at our rolling mesh window, which has good light transmission and beautiful installation. The design of the windproof buckle makes the wind resistance and sealing very good Very long, more user-friendly design is built-in automatic cleaning system, detachable, very convenient to use, do not need to be removed in four seasons.




Post time: May-18-2022