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How to choose the screen mesh for windows?

Summer mosquitoes are particularly large, the window is easy to open a body full of mosquito bags, hands and feet are scratching broken mosquito bags of red scabs, and finally can not stand to all the windows at home are installed on the screen window, but the effect is not great.

Screen in the end how to choose the practical?

1. Plastic material
This is the most common type of screen, because of the strong and durable and not easy to deformation and popular, it is stronger than the nylon material is slightly better, cleaning is also very convenient, the price is also relatively affordable. However, it is not resistant to high temperature, direct sunlight for a long time is easy to aging, but also not environmentally friendly.

Plastic screens are mostly used in agriculture, such as seed breeding places to prevent mosquitoes; also suitable for matching aluminum, plastic steel and other profiles of doors and windows.

2. Nylon material
This is a screen that is generally woven by the plain weave method, with very good acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, and great breathability, to meet the indoor ventilation can also effectively prevent dust, insects into the room, is widely used in such areas as corridors.

However, compared to plastic, nylon is not easy to clean. And a long time by the sun, the service life will be shortened, security decreased, small high-rise households should be carefully selected.

3. Diamond mesh material
The toughness of diamond mesh screens is the best of most materials and the strongest and safest, so they are often used as anti-theft screens.

It has a very good metal texture, very suitable for families, office buildings and other places with the use of cleaning can be directly disassembled, installation back is not difficult.
Selection of this kind of time to pay attention to stainless steel material (preferred 304), diamond mesh mesh mesh and wire diameter (the larger the number of the two the better), the outer frame aluminum wall thickness (the thicker the better), hardware quality, look at the production (splicing at the gap is not large, the screen overall scratches more or less, there is no burr) these 5 major aspects.

4. Glass fiber material
It is mainly composed of fiberglass and PVC, which is non-toxic and tasteless, and can be fire retardant. It has a characteristic that other materials do not have – it has a very good invisible effect and does not affect the aesthetics of the doors and windows.

It is also anti-static, not easy to get dust, and even automatic light filtering to prevent ultraviolet radiation.
Wood, steel, aluminum, plastic these types of profiles of doors and windows can be assembled and used, are no longer need to paint coloring.

Post time: Nov-22-2022