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Introduction to Invisible Screens

Invisible screens are screens with screens that can be automatically rolled back. Mainly used for ventilation and mosquito control. The frame is attached to the window frame, the gauze is pulled down when it is used, and the gauze will be automatically rolled back into the net box when not in use. It does not occupy space and has strong sealing performance. Coordinate with high-end home decoration. Reel type Working principle: The gauze is collected through the reel. Opening direction: vertical or horizontal.

There are two main installation methods for invisible screen windows on the market: there are casement type and push-pull type according to the opening type of the window. The casement type is fixed on the window with several straight buckles and cannot be moved. The other is the push-pull type, which is directly fixed on the slide with screws and can be moved on the slide. Generally, the opening type of the window determines the installation method of the screen window. The installation method of nail-free invisible screen window is fixed with high-strength double-sided tape and glass glue, which can not damage the window and can be installed firmly, so it is adopted by more and more manufacturers, but high-rise residential windows are generally not recommended for inner casement windows. The reason for using nail-free roller blind invisible screen is very simple, because there is no screw fixation. If the invisible screen falls off, it will cause personal injury or property damage, so this kind of invisible screen is not recommended for high-rise residential buildings.

Post time: Sep-02-2022