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Invisible screen



The invisible screen includes a screen and a screen winding mechanism composed of a main pipe, a spring box, a shaft support, an inner shaft and an end seat. When the glass window is pushed open, the gauze spreads out with the glass window and blocks the open part. When the glass window is closed, the gauze is wound on the inner shaft under the elastic force of the spring of the retracting mechanism and stored in the main tube, which does not take up space and does not take up space. Affecting the beauty of the window, it can be hidden or visible with the opening and closing of the glass window, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly. It is an ideal screen window for use with sliding windows.

Invisible screens are not “invisible” in the true sense. The design principle of invisible screens is just that the wire diameter of the material is extremely thin and the light transmittance is extremely high. The material is required to have high tensile strength, transparency, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, stability and low refractive index.
2. Transparent monofilament must be used.
3. The weaving density is large, which can form the diffraction phenomenon of light and form “high-grade white”.
4. Chemical coating to increase light transmittance.
5. The gauze can be automatically rewound.

Commonly used window screens are glass fiber yarn, polyester yarn and Taiwan SPL yarn. Both fiberglass and polyester yarns are plain weave yarns. We commonly use glass fiber plain weave yarn. Available in black, grey and off-white. Polyester yarn has high strength but is not fireproof. Taiwan SPL yarn is skeined yarn, which has the highest strength among these yarns, but the price is high. The key problem is that it cannot be fireproof. Some people use this kind of yarn in home improvement, but in engineering above cannot be used.

Post time: Aug-25-2022