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Invisible screens “invisible” screens

Regular screens are still a bit of a nuisance when not in use, can you make them disappear on their own? The answer is yes. Invisible screen is a kind of screen that can be collected into the screen box by curling, when using, you only need to pull out the curled screen like a roll of paper.

However, this kind of screen is usually made of special screen mesh, which is the fiberglass mentioned earlier, with a view to achieve the purpose of curling. The invisible screen has a design feature, because it can be pulled up and down, the screen and the frame are not fixed, so the screen of bad quality is easy to be blown out by the wind, so the screen must have the ability to resist 6 to 8 levels of wind, the screen will not be blown out.

According to the size of the window and the way to open to choose the screen style

There are two main ways to open windows and doors in homes today: casement and sliding. Generally speaking, there are more screen styles available for casement windows, invisible screens, casement screens, push-up screens and stick-on screens. However, since invisible screens are more prone to problems such as detachment and spring breakage when the wind is strong, up-and-down rolled invisible screens are only suitable for smaller windows within 1 square meter, and left-right rolled invisible screens can be used for windows of about 1.5 square meters. The flush screen occupies more space but is relatively inexpensive and is also suitable for smaller windows without curtains, such as kitchen and bathroom windows. If the window is too big, the whole frame will be easily deformed or sag after a period of time. Up push type screen is the mainstream product nowadays, also suitable for casement windows, there are not too many restrictions on the use, but the relative price is higher.

Sliding windows and doors are generally suitable for sliding and folding screens. Push-pull screens are specially launched for sliding doors and windows, there is no special requirements on the use, but pay attention to the quality of the screen frame and slide rail; folding screens are more decorative and also popular in recent years, but due to the greater obstruction of airflow, generally not recommended for use on windows, more suitable for villa balconies and outdoor doors.


Post time: Nov-23-2022