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Is the trackless invisible screen door good or not?

Track screen door is a kind of [screen door], full name “tank chain organ folding removable invisible screen door without bottom track”.

The main role of the trackless screen door “home life open the door to ventilate and prevent mosquitoes”.

People like the 5 main features of the trackless screen door.

1.No track screen door with no bottom track design, the elderly and children easy to enter and exit, will not trip, threshold and windowsill will not accumulate dust, easy to clean hygiene; This product no bottom track, to avoid the bottom edge frame stepping deformation, into the ash, into the foreign body bad cleaning and other defects.

2.The trackless screen door has the characteristic of invisible and does not occupy the place, when using pull open ventilation to prevent mosquitoes, insects and flies: when not using push aside does not occupy the place.

3.The trackless screen door is easy to use, the elderly and children can easily operate, using chain type trackless folding screen door has the characteristics of translation and folding, telescoping invisible, arbitrary positioning, etc., open and close the door feel smooth and convenient and comfortable.

4.Trackless screen door easy to disassemble, easy to clean, using the bayonet type fixed way, more convenient to disassemble, just a little force a pull, can take out the screen, water flush water wash screen.

5.Trackless screen door is the first choice of products to open the door to ventilate the hot summer weather, doors and windows guardian trackless invisible screen door is simple to install, does not take up space, most of the trackless screen door on the market at present is technically mature, good quality, after-sales service few and far between.

Trackless screen door has long since shed the high price of the veneer, the value of high-quality good after-sales service less convenient to use is being more and more people to buy and sell.

Post time: Dec-09-2022