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Precautions for installing screen doors.



1. When setting the automatic switch, it should be noted that there are many types of automatic switch hinges, such as: “spring hinge” and “ordinary hinge”, but these cannot be used. The spring hinge has no buffering effect and is easy to open the door. If it is damaged, sometimes it is easy to clamp the small hands of children, so do not use this hinge method; take high-quality aluminum and cut it to the length you need, and then use the inner plastic right angle to form a box and use Fasten with the mother and son screws, and finally put the gauze in place, and then reinforce it with soft strips. The screen door materials are mostly made of high-quality chemical fiber materials as raw materials plus magnetic strips or magnetic blocks. There are also many shapes, and the size is based on the size of the door.

2. When installing the screen door, special attention should be paid to make the screen door overlap the ground by about one centimeter, the magnetic buckle should not touch the ground, and the middle should be slightly higher. Be careful not to make it too tight on both sides, as long as the installation method Yes, every screen door can be opened and closed naturally.

3. During acceptance, carefully check the supporting implementation after installation to see if the pull rod is smooth and whether the bayonet can be clamped smoothly. If these cannot be done in one step, it will take several times to complete, indicating that there is a problem with the installation or quality. Also note that there should be no gaps in the connection between the screen and the window. Once there is a gap, it must be reinstalled or repaired immediately.

Post time: Aug-12-2022