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The most important four points for choosing invisible screens



1. Be sure to choose a regular brand and manufacturer to buy. Due to the low threshold of the invisible screen window industry, some individuals have also joined in. They are usually just a few people who live by counterfeiting and face the risk of bankruptcy at any time, so I warn everyone not to be greedy for cheap and lose due services, and end up spending more. money.

2. Since the screen of the roller shutter screen can be pulled up and down, its screen is not fixed like a fixed screen, but can be moved, so that the screen can be easily blown out by the wind, so the screen must have The gauze will not be blown out by the wind force of grade 6 to 8.

3. There must be a force regulating device or a detachable device with safe and reliable performance on the yarn box. Since it is a roller shutter screen, there is a spring in the screen box. No matter how good the spring is, it will become weak after a long time, so the screen will not be recovered (generally it will be reflected in about half a year after installation). At this time, the device will start. To a very large role, it can not only easily increase and reduce the strength of the spring, so that the spring force is in an ideal state.

4. The roller shutter screens are buckled from top to bottom, and must be durable.

Post time: Aug-03-2022