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What is a screen door?

Screen door is installed on the door, used to keep flies and insects fly in and keep indoor ventilation door products; screen door is developed on the basis of the screen window, but compared to the screen window, screen door in the production process need to consider more factors.

The composition structure of the screen door


Profile is an important part of the composition of the screen door, according to national regulations the thickness of the profile used in the screen door shall not be less than 1.0mm, it is best to use 6063 aluminum alloy by T5 heat treatment profile, so out of the profile smoothness, compressive degree are better, can ensure the appearance of the screen door decorative effect at the same time, but also to ensure the stability of its use performance.

2.Screen mesh.

Screen mesh is another important part of the screen door, the screen door is generally used to fold the mesh, folding mesh process is also very delicate, generally to use 18 mesh mesh screen, many on the market are 14 mesh, 14 mesh mesh mesh is not 18 mesh mesh screen insect resistance performance is good.

Types of screen doors

There are not many kinds of screen doors on the market, there are two main categories.

1.Single door rewind screen door

2.Double-door rewind screen doors

Features of the screen door

1.Exquisite concealed design, generous and beautiful appearance.

2.Selected special thickened aluminum alloy and military spring manufacturing, solid and not deformed.

3.Adopt bearing type slide rail to ensure light and smooth pulling.

4.Latch type latch, change the situation of popping open for no reason, safer to use.

5.Adopt high quality glass fiber screen, fire retardant.

6.Increase the cleaning wool, unique automatic cleaning function.

7.Wind-resistant design, to avoid the screen mesh from the side rail slide.

Post time: Dec-12-2022